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I spent my first winter in the car on Tenerife, Canary Islands, and there was no problem whatsoever with the winter, because it’s like 20° all the time there. Winter 2019 began in Germany, and I worked in three hotels in Munich, night shift, so I slept in the day, and even with -7.5° I had no problem, because I only stayed in bed when I was in my car. And under three blankets, it was very warm. I spent the evenings in one of the three hotels or in a restaurant where it was perfectly warm. This year everything is different. Because of corona the three hotels didn’t need me anymore, so I had to start a new business, and I reactivated my teaching abilities and started to teach German online. As this business is not dependent on any special place, I can now discover a new area every month for my online hiking guide and don’t have to return to Munich anymore. There’s only a slight problem, I have to go 10 km each hour when it’s below 5°, because it’s getting cold. A heater won’t do any better, as it also needs battery, which I can only charge while driving. I also started to wear two trousers over each other as well as two pullovers and a jacket while teaching or editing a video or my magazine.

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October 2020: Lake Constance.

November 2020: Altmühl


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