Why I don’t offer “Travel and bathe naked with me” anymore

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I decided to cut the offer of “Travel and bathe naked with me” and the video call. And why? Do you remember the feeling when you had a building site next to your house, a whole day full of noise, no nice view outside, you felt nervous and annoyed all the time, and you didn’t want to stay where you were, you wanted to be somewhere else? Or if you don’t know this situation, imagine a child, not your own, asking you the question “why” over and over again, without stopping, with more energy than you have, so that you I feel weaker and weaker step-by-step, until you get the feeling, that you will explode, and you have to leave the situation, but you can’t? This is more or less how I have felt the past winter with the lockdown, sometimes so cold, -20°, but I woke up in the morning shivering, and the car would show error message when started. That’s when one day I decided that I needed more energy, and that I couldn’t spend my time with things that didn’t make me happy. So I thought about my feelings during the weekends with two men who had booked me in October and during the video calls in October and I realised that it hadn’t made me happy, so: In order to have more energy, I had to take out the offer of the weekends with me and the video calls. Also, I don’t make videos on demand anymore. So what is left on my page “SOMEWHERE”? It’s the videos on the list, new videos with me bathing, and the chat.

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