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Two years ago, when my husband decided to leave me, I hat the chance to change my whole life. My children were old enough, so I could think about what I really wanted to do. The answer didn’t appear in one step. First thing I noticed was that I wanted to travel more. And I knew I couldn’t afford a hotel, so I searched the Internet for alternative lifestyles, minimalism and found car life, van live and full-time campers. and then I found rooftop tens and as my car was very small and I knew I would not enjoy traveling sleeping in my tiny car, I thought about how I could safe enough money to buy a really comfortable rooftop tent. One of those which pop up easily and you don’t have to fix anything on the ground. I managed to buy one and started traveling. Only one year later I knew what my chop should be. I wanted to be a hiking guide and travel company as well us an online teacher for language shows and a storyteller. now that I have these jobs I’ve realized how happy I am every day. Sometimes I complain, but on a very high level. Something like “I want milk foam on my coffee”. Or “I want a better view from the restaurant to the lake”. But I can solve those problems very easily. Have you made your hobby a job?

Who I am and what I offer:

My YouTube channel: https://parkitloveit.com/en/category/videos-en/

My online magazine hiking guide Wirte am Wasser: https://parkitloveit.com/www 

Where I am:

October 2020: Lake Constance.

November 2020: Altmühl

Lessons: https://parkitloveit.com/en/tuition-language-lessons-price-overview/

My offers: https://parkitloveit.com/en/my-offers-foreign-language-secretary-tutor/

My list of nude offers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16dE3xImtiLYNjhrtMh7BXuGTz4FsDkUMANzWQXNdZao/edit

Order nude offers: https://parkitloveit.com/en/somewhere/

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