A typical day in November 2019 between 2 night shifts.

Watch the video. Transcription below. Enjoy!

Transcription (for English learners):

(at work / night shift):

Are you wondering what I’m doing?
I’m crossing out Christmas markets I won’t go to
and marking those I will go to.

(in the car after work)::

So, it’s the end of the night shift.
And I’m going to Bayerbach,
which is in the Easter part of Bavaria,
something like that,
and I’m visiting a Christmas market today.

(arrived in Bad Birnbach):

Can you see that little lake there?
I bathed in it like four months ago,
something like that.
Now I can’t, because it’s like 3 degrees.
I’ve arrived in Bad Birnbach,
which is about 120 km east of Munich.
And near here is this Christmas market I want to go to today.
So I will sleep here.
In my car, as usual in the last seven days.
I only slept down here, not up in the rooftop tent.
There are some motocross drivers outside.
And the sun is shining.
It’s very hot at the moment,
although it’s like seven degrees or something.
At the moment I can’t sleep.
That’s the dark side of vanlife.

(getting up):

I found something good in my purse.
Look, here’s a red bull.
Apart from bulls in my purse,
those motocross drivers have left the place,
now, that I have to get up to go to the Christmas market.
Unfortunately, Christmas markets don’t have any coffee.
Only mulled wine, beer, something like that.
But I will drink a coffee after the Christmas market.
I hope this Christmas market has some food left,
because the other one yesterday didn’t have any food left.
When I arrived, ten people were in the cue before me,
and when it was my turn, they didn’t have any food left.
The person before me had food, and me not.
And I had to drink my mulled wine without eating anything before.
It a hard life.

(at the Christmas market):

It’s garlic bread.
And mulled wine.
It’s good.
I got myself a cap.
And now I go to the spa.

(arriving at the spa):

Can you see the spa?
Well, it’s only a part of it.
Because it’s divided into two parts.
Yeah, 68.
I had to cool down a bit.
Go to work!

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