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Sure, many people need their own bathroom and kitchen and don’t want to look for a different place to stay overnight every day. But I’m different. I love to be in a different place each day. I’m happy that I don’t have to clean any bathroom or kitchen. I bathe in lakes and rivers. There are toilets at gas stations, restaurants, train stations, tourist information centers and so on. And if I want warm food, I just go to a restaurant. At the moment you can only take away some food, but normally I go out to eat once or twice a week. The rest of the week, I just eat whatever you don’t have to cook. Canned fruits and vegetables, fish, cheese, bread, cereals with milk, everything you want. In the summer I go shopping every day because I don’t half a fridge. And winter food stays cool without fridge, because it’s often very cold in the car. Many people say, that life in the car is not cool if it’s bad weather. I don’t agree. That’s no bad weather. I also walk around when it’s raining or snowing. I love my life in my SUV. I’m free. I enjoy every day.

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