1 day or 1 week parkitloveit Vanlife Language Study Trip

1 week Vanlife language trip in a van or roof tent and:

  • Learn German in DE / AT / CH
  • Learn English in the UK / US / AU / CA
  • Learn French in FR / CA
  • Learn Spanish in ES / Canary Islands / South America
parkitloveit Vanlife Language Study Trip

The 700.00 EUR package includes:

  • 3 times a day for 90 min. (total: 31.5 hours) lessons with grammar and conversation
  • DE for beginners or advanced, EN (UK), FR, ES, IT, RU for beginners
  • we travel in our own van or car with a roof tent (charged separately)
  • Guided tour of the area 
  • information about parking lots for hikers, hiking trails, toilets, WiFi, warm baths, laundromat
  • Total price: EUR 700.00 including VAT. per week 
  • if vehicle / roof tent required: will be charged separately
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