My new concept | Life in the car | Last week of Nov 2020 | At the Altmühl | English VLOG 001

I’ve found that I need to change my approach.  I don’t remember everything I said in the German video.  So I can’t do the videos in the other five languages.  so now I’ll only record a few sentences at a time.  And then also in the other five languages.

I just took a shower at a gas station.  I found this gas station in the same town where I did laundry in the laundromat today.

I just went to the bathroom here.  And I bought a bun.  I now eat it with cheese.

The sun sets now at 4:30 p.m.  That’s why I don’t have much time left.  I am going to walk by the river now.

I took a few photos.  Now I’ll look for a quiet parking space at the edge of the forest.

I found a good parking space for the night.

Good Morning.  It’s half past seven.  I woke up today without an alarm clock.  Today I only have one hour of class.

I usually get up at 8:00 a.m. every day.  Then I go to a river or lake to bathe.  Then I drive to a bakery or gas station to buy a coffee with a lot of milk froth.

I usually have three lessons a day, two in the morning and one in the afternoon, or vice versa.

The video:

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