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I usually get up at 8:00 a.m.  Then I go to a lake or a river to bathe.  On some days, however, I shower or bathe in a gas station or in a swimming pool.  However, the swimming pools are closed during the lockdown.  And the gas stations with showers are often very far away from me.

In December 2019 I bathed in a different thermal bath every day.  Sometimes I also booked a massage.  During the day I slept seven hours, in a different place every day.  Before I went back to Munich, where I worked the night shift at the reception, I still went to the Christmas market.  It was the best month of my new life in the car so far.

I am in the north of Bavaria.  In the Fichtel Mountains.  It snowed here.  It’s very cold – minus 5 degrees.  Therefore the lake was covered with ice.  I had to find a place to swim.  Eventually I found a place where the lake wasn’t frozen.  I bathed there.  As I was swimming in the lake, a duck saw me and recognized me.  It thought I was a very strange duck: I’m huge, I don’t have wings, I’m not as elegant as a duck.  It found out that I was a stranger.  But it wasn’t afraid of me.  If I could fly I would fly over the lake.  Then I would fly down the river to see what place I could photograph.

Yesterday I met a new friend for the first time.  We went for a walk.  We went up a mountain where we had a great view.  There was a hut up there that sold hot drinks and food.  We bought a mulled wine, sat on a bench and drank it comfortably.  Then I was allowed to take a shower in her guest bathroom.  She sews masks, and I bought some with Christmas patterns from her.  They are very beautiful.  This morning we also went for a walk together.  We went for a walk at the castle in Coburg. The courtyard of the castle is open to visitors.  From there you have a great view over Coburg.  You can also see a lake nearby.  Today it is sunny and the view was really great.

I actually have a wonderful life.  I have the freedom to go wherever I want.  I can be somewhere different every day.  I can walk wherever I want between lessons.  But there are also limits to my wonderful life.  I don’t always have unlimited electricity.  In winter I cannot produce electricity with the solar cell.  The only way to produce electricity is by driving around.  The car’s alternator charges my second battery via the 12-volt cigarette lighter.  Besides, I don’t have unlimited time either.  I only teach 3 hours a day, but I also need a lot of time to create my online magazine, write the blog articles, edit the videos, make up the bilingual stories, translate and do the layout.

I really enjoy my work.  And by that I mean all of my work.  On the one hand, I am a foreign language correspondent and teach foreign languages: German for all levels, English, French and Spanish for beginners.  I myself also learn Italian and Russian with my study partners.  With my learning partners, who are native speakers, I correct my bilingual stories that I make up, we record audios and turn them into videos and eBooks.  I also have my hiking guide innkeepers on the water.  In it I collect photos, links and information about beautiful areas in which I am and discover everything.  I’ve been doing this for a year now.  There is a new online edition every month.  I can discover some areas within a month.  Other areas are so large that I spread them over several months, such as Lake Constance, Tenerife and now the Main.

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