Jason never fails and me chasing waterfalls

parkitloveit podcast - Everybody‘s talking about Jason' waterfalls - My podcast partner

Who is my podcast partner Jason Lee Farley? Where am I chasing waterfalls? Jason singing “Everybody’s talking” and trying to pronounce the “Vlltava of Smetana”. Have a lot of fun!

Who is my podcast partner Tony Woks?

parkitloveit - Who is my podcast partner Tony Woks

For my podcast in 6 languages (German, English, French, Spanisch, Italian and Russian) with vanlife stories, I always need a lot of partners. Native speakers. I found Tony Woks as a French native speaker. See here who he is:

parkitloveit podcast – 001 Why did you move into a car with a rooftop tent?

PARKITLOVEIT Podcast Why did you move into a car with a rooftop tent

I woke up after 7:00 p.m. to a pleasant evening after too little sleep to go back to the night shift. I showered, got dressed, and muttered a good morning to my husband when I entered the kitchen without any motivation. Only then did I notice that my husband was not there. Olaf and I only had a small apartment. So I went to the bedroom to check on him. He wasn’t there either. I put the kettle on to make a coffee and looked to see if he had put a note somewhere. No note. I looked in WhatsApp. No message from him. So I wrote to him. I poured my coffee, stirred it, added a third of milk. Shortly afterwards the news came from him. I went black from the shock. I sat on the floor and waited until the noise stopped in my head and I could see clearly again. I got up cautiously to take my coffee, waited for the vertigo to go away, and went to the sofa with the coffee. After I sat down, I reread the message.