Jason never fails and me chasing waterfalls

parkitloveit podcast - Everybody‘s talking about Jason' waterfalls - My podcast partner

Who is my podcast partner Jason Lee Farley? Where am I chasing waterfalls? Jason singing “Everybody’s talking” and trying to pronounce the “Vlltava of Smetana”. Have a lot of fun!


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Arrived on Tenerife

Arrived on Tenerife

On the 9th of January, I finally arrived on Tenerife, in the middle of the night, at 3 a.m. As I had run out of gas, my first destination was the gas station. I was pleased to see how well my new car managed all those hills, in comparison to my former small car. Then I went into the mountains because I knew I needed a lot of sleep and I wanted to be in a quiet place. The next morning, I went down to the beach. Have a lot of fun with the video!

Vanlife in winter in Germany in my SUV VLOG0042

Vanlife in winter in Germany in my SUV

I have lived in my car with the rooftop tent since August 2018. Since August 2019, I have an SUV. I stayed in Munich to work for three hotels at the reception in night shift until December 2019. Watch this video to see how vanlife is for me in winter in Germany in my SUV.

Alp Föhn is when your hair looks like Trump’s | Spa day in Allgäu

Thank you Lord for making Bavaria! Especially the Alps and those lakes. I love them! In this video I will try to explain what the Alp Föhn is. On this day, I am at Schwangau, near Castle Neuschwanstein, in a spa, and I parked near a lake with a great view. It was very quiet at night. Don’t mind my hair in this video. Have a lot of fun! Every second video in English! Subscribe! See you soon! Yours, Mona