Awake after late shift VLOG0038 #parkitwhereyouloveit

Awake after late shift

Awake after late shift VLOG0038

The video:

Isn’t that crazy? Working 13 shifts in a row without any free day in between, and then working a late shift directly after a night shift. And in addition, I couldn’t just sleep in those 10 hours I had between those two shifts, no! I was awakened by a worker who had to work right there, at this moment. See me searching for another parking and then spending a night awake after a late shift.

When, after 3 unpossible parkings (2 with construction works, 1 with a lot of people who wanted to walk around there) I found a parking space belonging to a hotel and restaurant, with no signs whatsoever saying it was forbidden,  I went back to bed and wished I was invisible. At least nobody knocked at my window again. This worker on the first parking space who had knocked at my window hadn’t had any chance not to do that. He had to work on this parking space. The quality of the street had to be improved, which is a quite German thing, especially in Munich. They always improve streets wherever they can. Well, that’s ok for me, but it would have been a lot more sensible to put some signs there in advance saying on which day they wanted to do those works, so that I wouldn’t have parked there to sleep. 

Also, it would have been great of our new colleagues to tell us in advance that they didn’t want to work. Ok, that is also a German thing. As in Germany you get a lot of money for not working, many persons try to take adavantage of this system. The sufferers are those who work and those who pay tax and insurance. Me as a freelancer, I pay taxes and health insurance from what I earn, but I never get money from anywhere when I don’t work because I’m ill or old or lazy. So I have to charge a little bit more than everybody else to be able to put that extra money aside for later. The other thing about being a freelancer is, you may always work. Normal workers are protected by law so that companies cannot exploit them. Normal workers have 2 free days a week and 24 days of paid holidays a year. And they get paid when they are ill and can’t work. Me not. No paid free days, sometimes not even a non-paid free day, because sometimes I’m the only one they can use for a shift because the other colleagues are all protected and have worked their maximum days of the month. Well, I will stop complaining, because I could always stop. I could say no. But I don’t do it. On the one hand, I want to help my colleagues and I don’t want to let them down. On the other hand, I don’t know how much I will earn as a freelancer in my three months unpaid leave from January to March. Or if the company I worked for on Tenerife can instantly employ me again for this short time. So now I don’t have to worry because there is enough money on my account to live from it for those three months, or even longer, if I don’t exagerate spending money.

The only thing I don’t like about those double shifts, short changes, late shifts and night shifts: My body doesn’t do what I want it to do. It aches and falters and whines. Whereas my mind wants it to work so that I can do the things I want to do. Like taking photos of beautiful places, go hiking, go swimming, spend a great time with friends and family and go to Christmas markets. Unfortunately, my body is of another opinion. It thinks, those shift changes and lack of free time are a reason to lay down and don’t do anything any more. Let’s see how long the dispute between my mind and my body will go on.

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