As perfect as a day can be during lockdown living in a car in winter in Germany

The video:

It’s a pity that I can’t make my videos in the six languages how I wanted to have them. The problem is that my iPad and iPhone don’t have enough storage to have all the videos I need on them. The network or Internet service in Germany it’s not good enough to download and upload a lot of stuff without errors. And the program I use on my notebook, Shotcut, to edit videos, needs a mouse for some functions, but whenever I go to my notebook via TeamViewer, the new mouse I bought does not work. It works perfectly in on my iPad, but not in team viewer. So now I can only make those videos if I am sitting directly at my notebook which is in Wolfratshausen where are my children and my father live. That’s once a month. At the moment I have to go to a big gas station every day to have a shower, because I have two spots on my skin, and the dermatologist said I had to use a medical shampoo every day. The big gas station, which is the only shower in the surroundings, is 20 to 50 km away from the river which I’m discovering at the moment. So I have to go 40 to 100 km a day only to have a shower.

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